Dream Big by Sharele Hatfield

Dream Big

You have probably heard the expression “dream big” at times. But what exactly does it mean to dream big? To me, it means dreaming of the best, happiest life that you can possibly imagine, and thinking of the steps that are needed to make that happen. Read on for some tips about dreaming big, and how to make your dreams come true.
Decide What You Want
 First, decide what you are dreaming big about. Do you want another job? Do you want to own your own home? How about a vacation home? Do you want to pay cash for a new car? Your dreams are your own, but first you need to identify exactly what you want. What is your big dream? What is the happiest life that you can imagine? Start with that, and write it down. 
Make a Plan
A dream without a plan is just a wish. In order to make your big dream come true, you need to have a set plan in order to make it happen. Work backwards. Start by writing down your big dream. Then write down what would happen immediately prior to achieving that dream. Work your way backwards, writing down the steps that you will need to take in order to make this dream happen, until you get to the present day. Then, take a look at your plan, and decide on your action items. Do you need to take a class? Do you need to write out a budget? Do you need to open a savings account in which to deposit a set portion of your paycheck? Decide on at least three action items that you can take immediately in order to start making your dream happen.
Have Accountability 
 One reason why people don't achieve their goals and dreams is because they lack accountability. Find someone to give you accountability. This means someone who will check in with you periodically to make sure that you are doing what you are supposed to do in order to achieve your goal. This needs to be someone who will be honest with you, and give you some tough love if necessary. Having someone to be accountable to will keep you on the path to achieving your dream.

 Take these steps in order to imagine and achieve the biggest dreams that you have! 

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